What We Do

Land assessment

Aerial land assessment for oilfield or agriculture is now possible with our aerial drone rig. Film rugged terrain with ease without the need for complex crane setups or expensive helicopter rentals.

B-Roll videography

Take your corporate video to the next level with our aerial videography. Whether it is to supplement a stock video collection, or to add a new perspective to an existing video project, our drone enables a new filming perspective guaranteed to wow your audience.

Aerial photography

Capture photos from a new perspective thanks to our drone fleets photographic capabilities. Our drones can fly up to 1 KM, enabling aerial photography previously possible only by helicopter. Panoramas, HDR images, long exposure stills and timelapses from the sky are now easier than ever.

Remote access

With up to 1 KM of range, our drone can go where no others can. Aerial video and photography is now possible in previously inaccessible terrain, offering capture of areas never before seen by camera lens.

Post-production with Gruvpix

Originally established as a full service production company, we are in the story business. Gruvpix can take your aerial video to the next level through creative editing, music, graphics and more. Want aerial photos that pop? We are experienced in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom as well.

Completely legal and safe

We carry a Standing SFOC from Transport Canada as well as $2 million third party liability insurance. We are one of the only insured, certified, trained and experienced drone operators in Alberta.

aerial filming and photography specialists

The Alberta Sky is the limit

Our drone fleet enables filming from perspectives that were previously impossible or extremely costly. With one helicopter shoot day costing upwards of $10,000, beautiful and stable aerial imagery can now be achieved at a small fraction of the cost. Additionally, with hundreds of hours of flight experience, our pilots guarantee the optimal shot will be achieved on each flight. We have the experience and knowledge to capture amazing footage regardless of purpose or location. As a subsidiary of Gruvpix Productions, we can edit your amazing footage into a compelling final product of any length. We service Edmonton, Calgary and surrounding areas in Alberta.


Alberta Drone Pilots was officially formed in 2014 as a subsidiary of Gruvpix Inc., an established video production company based out of Edmonton Alberta. While initially intended to supplement corporate video productions, we found that aerial imaging had a demand all its own. We set out to establish Alberta Drone Pilots to reach new markets and to increase awareness for this amazing technology. With hundreds of hours of flight time, ground school training and Transport Canada certification, we are the most experienced certified drone operators in Alberta.

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