Corporate aerial
video & photography

With the latest in drone technology including the DJI Phantom 3 and DJI Inspire 1 RAW at our disposal, stunning photo and video can now be captured from a perspective never before possible.

drone fleet

Using the DJI X5R Micro 4/3 camera system, video can be captured uncompressed in 4k resolution for maximum clarity and detail. Photography more your thing? No problem, we can achieve 16 MP still capture.

Transport Canada
certified and insured

We carry a standing SFOC and liability insurance to operate across Western Canada, making us one of the most experienced fully certified drone imaging providers in Alberta.


Experienced pilots

With over 100 hours of flight time, our pilots know how to get the shot you want. Flight experience is crucial to successful aerial videography and enables us to capture shots that nobody else can.

Safe to operate

With a standing SFOC from Transport Canada and 3rd party liability insurance, as well as ground school training and hundreds of hours of flight times, we are leaders in the Alberta aerial imaging industry.

Filming flexibility

Video capture in 4k, 2.7k or 1080p at 24, 30 or 60 fps. What more could you ask for? With unparalleled shooting flexibility, we ensure great results no matter the final output.


Ryan and his extremely capable team at Alberta Drone Pilots have delivered some of the most exciting aerial photo/video content I’ve seen! We have worked together on many projects and each has been an outstanding experience.

Marty Pawlina

Colliers Real Estate